Home Insurance

Our cover goes beyond just brick and mortar - protecting your home and valued belongings is our top priority.

Build your cover

Tailor your cover with these optional features.


Get the cover you need to protect the structure and fixtures of your home. We’ll take care of any damage to your house, caused by leaking pressurised pipes, natural disasters, explosions, or fires.


We will cover you for damage to your home contents caused by lightning, fire, theft, or flooding, with the option to include accidental damage and power surge cover as well.

All Risks

We cover you for accidental damage, theft or loss of portable possessions (accessories, jewellery and personal effects carried on you).

Small Watercraft

Make the most of your watercraft knowing it’s insured. If you own a small watercraft, you might want to take a look at our watercraft insurance package.

Personal Liability

Should you ever find yourself in a situation where you are legally liable for damage to someone's property, or their accidental death or injury, we will be in your corner.

Personal Accident

We've got you covered for the expenses suffered as a result of your accidental death, permanent or temporary disability, to soften the impact on your family.

What you are covered for under Home Contents:

Fire, lightning, explosion and earthquake

We cover damage to your home contents caused by most disasters, including fires, explosions and earthquakes.

Storm, wind, hail, snow and flood

We cover damages caused by natural phenomena such as wind, hail, snow, storms and rain.

Water or oil leakage from household appliances

We cover loss or damage for water or oil that escaped from any household appliances such as geysers, washing machines, dishwashers, fixed water or heating systems. This excludes loss or damage to such tanks, equipment or pipes.

Theft or attempted theft

Our home contents insurance policy covers theft or attempted theft of all contents listed on your policy schedule.

Collision or impact by cars, animals, falling branches or trees

Your home is covered against impacts from cars, falling trees or parts of trees, animals, aircraft, or items dropped from above.